Instantly bridge gas from other chains
- ETH available
Transfer Time
~3 minute
Gas fee to transfer (est.)


You can use popular Ethereum wallets like MetaMask and Rainbow Wallet to name a few.

The Cyber Discord community is available around the clock for general questions, assistance and support! Depending on your issue, you can create a support ticket in the #raise-ticket.

Connect your wallet and confirm that it is set to Cyber network. Choose the digital asset you wish to bridge back to Ethereum mainnet and confirm you want to withdraw.

After your withdrawal request is proposed onchain (within an hour) you must verify and complete the transaction in order to access your funds. You can track your progress under the transaction.

Transferring from Cyber to Ethereum takes approximately 7 days. This is a security feature designed to help secure Cyber.

There are network fees involved which are used to pay for the gas costs on Ethereum and Cyber. There are no additional fees specifically for using Cyber Bridge.

No, if a withdrawal has already been initiated it is not possible to cancel it. Once withdrawn the process needs to be completed.

This seven day bridge duration is in place as a challenge period security measure built into the OP Stack.