The Social Layer 2 with Restaking

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Gasless experience

Cyber's official Paymaster sponsors new users' transactions with Account Abstraction.

Seedless & Self-custody

Cyber L2 supports native Passkey and a seedless user experience with 100% self-custody.

CYBER Staking

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Staked CYBER and restaked ETH are delegated to AVS operators running fundamental infrastructures of Cyber L2, including sequencer, verifier and CyberDB.


CYBER stakers and CYBER holders can propose and vote on governance proposals on the use of community treasury, protocol upgrades and council members.

Economic Rewards

CYBER Staking Rewards =
CYBER Season 2 Rewards + Revenue Sharing + Ecosystem Airdrop + CYBER Staking Incentives

CYBER Season 2 Rewards
CYBER Season 2 Rewards

To enhance network security and reward early loyal members of the Cyber community, 1,000,000 CYBER will be allocated to those who stake CYBER during the Season 2 Campaign. The campaign details can be found here.

Revenue Sharing
Revenue Sharing

The staked CYBER are delegated to EigenLayer AVS operators running Cyber L2's sequencers, verifiers, and CyberDB. In return, CYBER stakers will share the revenue from these services.

Ecosystem Airdrop
Ecosystem Airdrop

Cyber L2 offers an ideal environment for developers to bring their ideas to life. As the ecosystem thrives, CYBER stakers enjoys the potential benefits of receiving airdrops.

Staking Incentives
Staking Incentives

A Staking Incentive of 5.5M CYBER has been specifically designed. In the first year following the main net launch, 2M CYBER will be distributed to the stakers.

Ecosystem AirdropCYBER Stakers will receive a series of airdrops from Cyber’s ecosystem partners.*The airdrop will be distributed pro-rata to the amount of CYBER staked (not points).
Snapshot Time
Apr 11, 2024 6:00(UTC)
Airdrop Time
Apr 18, 2024 6:00(UTC)
Airdrop to CYBER Stakers
ID token
Claim will be available at Apr 18, 2024 6:00(UTC)
Mar 8th - June 8th
CYBER Rewards Unlocked
Ecosystem Airdrop
Total CYBER Staked


The social layer 2 with restaking.
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