Cheers to Our Winners: Announcing the Cyber Ecosystem Grant Pilot Round Recipients!



We are excited to share the overwhelming success of our inaugural Cyber Ecosystem Grants program.

We are excited to share the overwhelming success of our inaugural Cyber Ecosystem Grants program. Launched at the start of April, we've committed $2 million worth of CYBER tokens to help stimulate development within the Cyber ecosystem.

Our Pilot Round initially aimed to distribute $150,000 in CYBER tokens to projects building applications that offer new and engaging social experiences onchain, as well as developer tools that facilitate the creation of these innovative applications. However, due to the overwhelming response, we're thrilled to share that we decided to deploy more funding than originally allocated for this round. $20,000 extra in grant funding has been directed to supporting even more groundbreaking projects, closing this round at $170,000 in funding, with more rounds in the coming months.

This grants program showcased an impressive diversity and range of projects, all united by the common goal of building a fun and inclusive onchain social ecosystem accessible to everyone. Applications ranged from AI-driven social networks and MetaMask Snaps integrations to sustainability-focused NFT initiatives. Each project will contribute to fostering growth and community involvement for everyone in the ecosystem, while also benefiting from the synergies created by the collaborative and purpose-aligned nature of the Cyber ecosystem.

Highlighting the Builder Grant Projects

While we received many amazing submissions, the projects selected for this round were those that align most closely with Cyber and have already made substantial progress in their development, being ready for mainnet or for other builders to use their tooling.

Without further ado, let’s extend a warm welcome to the first-round recipients you can expect on our Cyber Mainnet!

Bitmon: A Web3 platform that combines gamified content curation with a community-driven Proof of Curation protocol, aiming to streamline user onboarding and transaction management through Cyber technologies.

CharacterX: A synthetic social network that fosters human-AI interaction and co-creation, plans to scale up on Cyber L2 and enhance performance and user interaction.

Element: With a user base of over 2.7 million, Element the NFT marketplace and aggregator is set to enhance the Cyber Ecosystem by introducing active trading wallets, boosting reach and operational robustness.

JiffyScan: As a leading UserOp Explorer for ERC-4337 transactions, JiffyScan focuses on simplifying the developer experience to enable seamless social app creation, masking blockchain complexities for end-users.

Snaaps: Integrating its Snaps plugin with Cyber accounts, Snaaps simplifies how users manage their CyberWallets via MetaMask, enhancing user experience significantly.

XO: An AI-powered, blockchain-verified social discovery platform for GenZ, XO aims to transform user engagement by leveraging Cyber.

Additional Support to Startup Projects

In addition to the more developed projects, we decided to select a few more earlier-stage projects that demonstrated great potential and alignment with Cyber to support.

Cybersapiens: Focused on merging digital innovation with sustainability, Cybersapiens engages communities through carbon-backed NFTs and strives for a zero-carbon footprint within the Cyber ecosystem.

Nomis: is a reputation protocol and wallet-scoring infrastructure that enables personalized web3 experiences and will be deploying a social-focused scoring system on Cyber.

Plato: Innovating restaurant data management through its Eat2Earn program, Plato aims to transform the dining experience.

SuperSquad: is a token-gated community focused on healthcare and wellness, leveraging goal-based social credentials and Cyber token staking to enhance engagement and broaden the ecosystem's utility.

Looking Forward

The grants will be distributed following the successful completion of the project-outlined milestones, with a vesting period in place for the distribution of the CYBER tokens. This ensures sustainable and impactful growth within our ecosystem.

This is only the beginning. We’re moving into a new chapter with Cyber, that involves a lot more of our incredible community of contributors and builders, just like you. If you applied to this round and weren’t selected, we highly recommend you check out the selected projects, keep building, refine your proposal, and resubmit for our next round this summer. There are many more rounds to come and we are committed to supporting the growth and development of the Cyber ecosystem.

In anticipation of our inaugural round of grants, we also recently celebrated the launch of our first community Grants Council, a significant step in empowering our community members to influence the future trajectory of our ecosystem directly. Stay tuned for more progress in this space as we create more opportunities for community involvement in Cyber.

Looking ahead, the Cyber Ecosystem Grants program is set to expand with even more exciting opportunities. We are gearing up for additional grant rounds, each promising to support further innovative projects and the community at large. We will be having a series of Twitter Spaces where community members can dive deeper into the selected projects and discover what they are building, as well as explore other exciting opportunities within the Cyber ecosystem. Additionally, we will enhance our marketing efforts to ensure that these remarkable projects gain the visibility they deserve.

To stay updated on all these developments, we encourage everyone to join our growing community on Discord. If you’re curious about building on Cyber and want to connect deeper than on Discord, you can reach out to us through email and Telegram @yilanhuang.

About Cyber

Cyber, the L2 for social, enables developers to create apps that transform how people connect, create, monetize, and share the value they generate.

By simplifying workflows and accelerating time to market, Cyber streamlines development through an all-in-one platform that integrates high-performance infrastructure—with ultra-low fees and high TPS—and purpose-built tools for social applications, such as the CyberConnect protocol and CyberDB. To meet the demand for a seamless UX in social applications, Cyber offers a familiar, web2-like experience enriched with web3 benefits, through features like native Account Abstraction and seedless wallets.

With 3 years of experience in building decentralized social networks, Cyber leverages its resources and knowledge to nurture a synergistic ecosystem with strong support systems atop its L2.

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