The L2 for Social



Frictionless UX through Native AA
Cyber's built-in account abstraction and seedless wallets deliver a smooth user experience.
Frictionless UX through Native AA
High Performance Infra on EigenDA
Cyber is built on hyper scale EigenDA, ensuring high TPS at low costs, a requirement for social applications. Security is enhanced by ETH restaking.
High Performance Infra on EigenDA
Native Yield for Bridged Assets
Cyber offers native yield for bridged assets through an innovative revenue sharing model, with additional incentives & rewards layered on top.
Native Yield for Bridged Assets
Superchain Aligned with the OP Stack
Cyber is built with the open-source OP Stack from Optimism, future proofing your app and making it interoperable with other EVM chains.
Superchain Aligned with the OP Stack
Reduced Risk with Decentralized Infra
Cyber’s decentralized sequencer and verifier network ensures there’s no single fault-point for the network, eliminating platform risk for developers.
Reduced Risk with Decentralized Infra
WEB2 Like UX
Familiar Feel
Embedded wallets and native Account Abstraction enable free user transactions through gas delegation and sponsorship.
Simple Account Management
Passkey and WebAuthn authentication enable a seedless wallet experience for easy account creation, recovery and self-custody.

Cyber Staking


Staked CYBER and restaked ETH are delegated to AVS operators running critical infrastructure, including Cyber's sequencers, verifiers, and CyberDB.


CYBER stakers and holders can shape the direction of the ecosystem by initiating and voting on governance proposals.

Economic Rewards

Rewarding Stakers In Many Ways

CYBER Mainnet Staking

To fortify network security and reward early loyal members of the Cyber community, 500,000 CYBER will be allocated to those who stake during Mainnet Staking.

Revenue Sharing

Staked CYBER is delegated to EigenLayer AVS operators running Cyber's sequencers, verifiers, and CyberDB. In return, CYBER stakers will share the revenue from these services.

Ecosystem Airdrop

Cyber offers an ideal environment for developers to launch social apps. As the ecosystem thrives, CYBER stakers enjoy eligibility for potential airdrops.

Staking Incentives

5.5M CYBER has been specifically allocated to incentivize staking. In the first year following the Mainnet launch, 2M CYBER will be distributed.


June 14th - Sep 14th
CYBER Rewards Unlocked
Ecosystem Airdrop
Stake CYBERJune 14th - Sep 14th
Staked CYBER

Ecosystem Airdrops

CYBER Stakers will receive a series of airdrops from Cyber’s ecosystem partners
ID token
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Airdrop Time
Apr 18, 2024 6:00(UTC)
Snapshot Time
Apr 11, 2024 6:00(UTC)
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May 2, 2024 6:00(UTC)

Built by the team behind

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CyberWalletCyberWallet is an ERC-4337 smart account wallet that enables frictionless user onboarding onto web3.Try Now


Stage 1 (Q2 2024)

Testnet with Governance

Framework The initial stage focuses on establishing, alongside developing a comprehensive governance framework for ecosystem growth.

Stage 2 (Q3 2024)

Mainnet with EigenDA and Decentralized Sequencer & Verifier

The second stage will integrate EigenDA for data scaling and activating a for enhanced network security.

Stage 3 (Q4 2024)

Launch CyberDB

The third stage will introduce CyberDB, constructed upon EigenLayer’s AVS architecture, dedicated to providing a secure, scalable, and verifiable data network tailored for social dApps.

Stage 4 (Q1 2025)

Upgrade to Native AA

The fourth stage focuses on upgrading EOAs unlock countless UX benefits such as seedless experience, flexible gas fee delegation, and programmable accounts.